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Welcome to Wax 2 Perfection, where you’ll find a new place to relax.

Just relax and get waxed. I am the professional when it comes to full body waxing for all skin types, specializing in Brazilians and educating you on how to properly treat your skin for pre-waxing and post-waxing.

I’ve created a welcoming atmosphere providing you with professional care for men and women, using hard stripless wax. I am very passionate about my work leaving skin hairless, silky, and smooth. Look no further for the best professional waxer, helping you through your service each step of the way until finish. My goal is to fulfill each person concerns at the time of service.

Celita’s suite is set out as her dream. To provide the best quality treatment in a welcoming environment using the best techniques and products. Celita wants the suite to feel luxurious yet friendly and inviting. With a passion for industry Celita strives to find the best treatments for all her clients. Celita is highly recommended and trained and receives ongoing training both internally and externally as Celita believes the industry is always evolving.


My name is Celita and I am one of the wax specialists in the Bay Area who is highly skilled and results-oriented at Wax2Perfection. I come from a long history of waxing, and, believe me, it shows! I discovered my passion for waxing in 2009, while working toward my Cosmetology Certification. I am a licensed Cosmetologist, but this does not mean I only do hair! Cosmetology covers a wide variety of services, and waxing is my specialty. The reason I chose waxing is because I love what I do, and I enjoy making my clients feel special. My work comes easily because I am passionate about what I do, and I've created an environment so that guests feel comfortable, happy, and they are filled with lots of laughter. This career has been the perfect match for me right away because of my personality and lifestyle due to my being a mother of two wonderful children. Things to remember about me are: I'm easy-going, have a sweet personality, and I am a very understanding person. I look forward to meeting you soon.

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"I can't  stress to tell you that I have been waxed by a few people and no one can compare to Celita. Not only is she the quickest waxer but efficient, while making the experience painless as possible."

Waxing Price List For Men and Women


Arm- full $60

Arm- half $45

Back- full $70

Back- upper $45

Back- lower $35

Cheek- $20

Chest- full $45

Chest- strip $18

Chin- $18

Eyebrows- $22

Ears- $22

Hands- $18

Hairline- $1

Knee- $20

Leg- full $85

Leg- lower $48

Leg- upper $54

Lip- upper $15

Lip- lower $15

Neck- $22

Nipples- $25

Nose- $25

Full face- $70

Shoulders- $35

Sideburns- $18

Stomach- full $45

Stomach- strip $18

Toes- $18

Underarms- $30


Waxing Price List For Women Only

Brazilian New $100

Brazilian Maintenance $68

Bikini Full $60

Bikini Line $48

Butt $55

Butt- Strip $24

Inner Thigh $30

For Men Only


Manzilian New $105

Manzilian Maintenance $78

Male Bikini Full $70

Male Bikini Line $58

Butt $55

Butt- Strip $24

Inner Thigh $30

Popular Deals

Brazilian+lower leg $110

Brazilian+Eyebrows $88

Brazilian+lip $80

Brazilian+underarms $96

Brows+lip+chin $50

ALL unpaid cancellation/no-show fees = NO future appointment.

Services Price List



For your convenience there is a small parking lot located in front of the building and plenty of free street parking.



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